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Of: Ru Germany and China Spend happy and auspicious Spring Festival in years, the past year the most enjoyable and most meaningful, the most happy time and fun in the festive atmosphere in the recording and release sent to family and relatives and friends to share happiness, to celebrate Festival, you have to buy a versatile, high-quality, low cost, advanced technology, produced by the Hong Kong BOB RWHD 808GN or M-STAR DV R8600 Professional Edition CD-ROM VCR As a gift appliance!

New CD Recorder What is a CD recorder

it? CD-ROM as the recording media is the digital video equipment. In China Sell CD recorders only support large DVD DVD's Make Do not support VCD / SVCD / CD production, then there can burn domestic DVD / VCD / SVCD / CD and data CD recorders do? BOB produced by the Hong Kong RWHD 808GN CD recorder is the world's first multi-format (DVD / VCD / SVCD / CD and data) to burn CD recorders, Xiong Zhi Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou existing sales of such machines. Also, Hong Kong BOB meet the high demand of domestic users in the January 3, 2006 launched the first high-definition image quality specifically for the needs of individuals or units of M-STARDVR8600 Professional CD recorder, the model for one-time opportunity to satisfy the needs of high-end users or units. New Year to come, make haste to Guangzhou Hung Chi Technology Co., Ltd. to purchase.

New CD recorder has unique characteristics and quality of performance:

* Do not need to Computer And acquisition card ( Compression Card )

* Can burn DVD / VCD / CD / SVCD (Note: M-STARDVR8600 Professional Edition can only burn DVD)

* A DVD blank disc recorder can store up to 6 hours program, DVDRW disc can always re-use (rewritable)

* Comes with AV (analog video) input and output ports, you can collect any AV output compressed video signal

* Own tuner, direct reception, collection, timing recording TV program

* Play Multi-standard multi-language VCD / DVD / CD / SVCD disc

* By DV1394 mouth, direct capture DV / DVCAM signals

* Variable bit stream compression technology, allows you to produce the video (DVD) more clearly

CD recorders have an appointment and one-touch recording video recording function, not only external DV camcorder, VHS tape can be transcribed, so that each of you to easily playback your favorite programs!

New disc recorders in the digital life in what role to play?

Digital embodiment of family life in one of the most important is related to the digital home video, CD recorders can play all the first function is the standard CD / VCD / SVCD / DVD video disc, thus it can replace our traditional The DVD player; second feature is recording function, which can completely replace the VHS tape recorders all functions; third function is the production of DVD / VCD / CD / SVCD features, with the function of traditional computer Video Compression Production system (computer + compression card + TV card + recorder) can be completely put aside. Therefore, the digital home video disc player can be fully played video production center.

New CD recorder unit in the family and details of use.

1, Play function 2, regular television programs feature video

This feature is rather special, for example, want to see you at 7:00-7:30 pm every day the cable news network a central program, but this time you still work every day the way you handle? Very simple, you just be a blank DVDR or DVDRW disc into the CD recorder burning inside, with a remote control set up your TV channels to be recorded and the start time and end time, then you can shut down the CD recorder, when evening 6:55 pm machine will automatically boot and start recording on time 7:00 pm, 7:30 pm automatically stop recording, and automatically shut down. You start playing you can come back to see just recorded programs.

3, Monitor Function In the home or workplace to take a surveillance camera, and AV cable to the CD recorder, you can help you control all the circumstances at home or unit.

4, copy DVD function Some DVD

large that you really like, with the CD recorder that you can immediately copy it to more than one out.

5, make your own VCD / DVD discs

CD recorder there DV Interface, you go Travel With DV Video camera Highlights of shooting back, through the CD recorder, you can create DVD / VCD / SVCD (Note: M-STARDVR8600 Professional Edition can only burn a DVD), we can immediately share your friends and family attractions.

6, production of a CD album. [Key words]: VCR Digital DVD Comment Large In Small
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[map] Digital Age Gift New Option: A New Cd Recorder - Video Recorders, Digital, Dvd-broadcasting

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[map] Digital Age Gift New Option: A New Cd Recorder - Video Recorders, Digital, Dvd-broadcasting

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