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The growing technology has brought everything at your oyster. From essentials to luxury the ever growing technology has made everything possible for the masses. In fact the face of entertainment has been reconstructed by the modern technology which over the period of time has invented multiple devices to ensure that we get the best of everything in a convenient manner.

The very basic reason behind the huge popularity of various technological devices is that it tries to provide maximum comfort to the user. On the similar ground the portable DVD player has found lot of takers. The thing that changed the way we watched movies with utmost comfort is the portable DVD player.

Giving relief from the headache of going to the movie theatre to watch a movie the portable DVD player is gaining fast popularity in the electronics market. Easy to carry anywhere anytime the portable DVD player is produced by more than a number of brands. The leading brands that are considered as market leader in producing the best quality DVD player are Sony and Panasonic.

The portable DVD player is available in various sizes, colours and shapes to support formats like CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-R etc. Among colours the pink portable DVD players are really gaining fast popularity and definitely being picked mostly by the users. This gadget is styled with personalize touch for example the headphones facility gives the user to use the device as a total personal entertainment source.

The market leaders Panasonic and Sony are manufacturing high quality pink portable DVD players. Products of both these brands have their own specialities, features and characteristics. Panasonic portable DVD players are famous for its sleek looks and user friendly features. Image quality and sound quality is undoubtedly better than many other manufacturing companies.

On the other hand the Sony portable DVD players have some of the most unique features like Wi-Fi connectivity along with gtalk and Yahoo messenger. Supports media formats like DVD-R media, MP3s and JPEGS the sound and video quality is amazing of the Sony portable DVD player.

This portable device is entertainment in your hand which is easy to operate and carry along. As always a great source of information about this amazing device is Xpert4u website that gives maximum details of various portable DVD players with prices and deals.

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This article was published on 2010/12/14